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Gigabit Internet constantly drops.

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Gigabit Internet constantly drops.

Hi. I am looking to resolve the issue of my gigabit internet constantly dropping throughout the day. I have had internet at my house for the past two years with no issues. I Had the extreme blast package which got me between 250mbs-300mbs. Never once did I have an issue unless a storm knocked out power. In July I upgraded to gigabit internet since my two year contract had completed and it has been nothing but a headache. 


I know this is a widespread issue for a lot of people who have made the switch to gigabit internet with Comcast. It is occuring in homes with Xfi, Arris, and Netgear modems. I have owned an Arris and Netgear modem (both compatible with Comcast's gigabit service per the device list on the site) and both have had the same exact issue. I even purchased a new router more than capable of gigabit speed to see if that was the issue. My obersvation is that there is an issue with the new wiring they dropped for the gigabit internet. It either does a terrible job handling any kind of interference or is just faulty in general. I am also wondering if the cable infrastructure away from the home is the issue?


My wife and I both work from home, while my job requires me to do demos for clients and customers. I can not be disconnecting during a demo or web meeting. I ask that you please escalate this issue to someone who has seen this issue and has had success resolving it. If not, I would like to go back to the highest speeds the utlizes the old wiring. Thank you.


P.S. If any community members have a fix or potential fix, please reply.