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GigE over WIFI... IT's possible and works!

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GigE over WIFI... IT's possible and works!

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It took a little bit of effort and some tinkering to get it working but, it's up and validated now.

I started off with the following:

MB8600 - D3.1 - upgraded from Performance 55 to GigE Thanks ComcastElla!

Asus RT-AC56U - speedtests had not been an issue at the lower tier but, with the upgrade it choked as a bottleneck to 250M

Synology RT2600AC - upgrade to replace Asus... Looked good on paper with features and options that sounded promising / fixed the speedtest issue on Wired GE connecfion but, WIFI was hitting a bump at 500-550M 

Intel 9260 - upgrade from the 7260 due to the 1.733gbps rating on the spec sheet (took 2 weeks on a boat from China)

- tested with RT2600 several times but, couldn't get the link speed to bump from the 866 to 1.7 as seen above

Netgear X4S R7800 - tried this thing out due to the specs and digging into the technical stuff dual band 2.4/5 vs 2.4/5/5 tri-band or bothering with 802.11ad 2.4/5/60 bands.

(OfficeMax $198+tax of all places had it on sale for less than Amazon $213+tax)


After tuning the Netgear and figuring out some of the nuances like:

Don't disable the WMM QoS or you'll be shifted down to 54M

Enable the HtT60 setting to get the throughput / link speed 

Pick some better channels on the 5ghz // use wifi analyzer 

Under 2.4ghz uncheck the 20/40 coexistance option


Enable IPv6 w/ Auto Config option



MB8600 - D3.1 GigE

Netgear R7800 X4S Router

Intel 9260 AC WIFI card


Gig plus over WIFI 

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Re: GigE over WIFI... IT's possible and works!

Just remember the 1.7 Gbps is a theoretical speed to hit. It’s your link rate.
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Re: GigE over WIFI... IT's possible and works!

Well, speed tests are consistent with wired speeds.  To max out the link though I would need to reconfigure some additional stuff to test it out like bundling a couple of gig ports to my NAS and upgrade my switch to make that happen.  Doing an extended copy from the NAS though pushes 950M for the extended period of time.  So, safe to say a couple of upgrades could push beyond the 1 gig barrier other than WAN to LAN which would require another bump from GigE to Pro 2GE x 2GE.