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Gig speed test procedures

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Gig speed test procedures

So I have Xfinity gig internet. I am supposed to get up to 1000Mbps. When I use the xfinity speed test I am only getting around 275 to 300. This is on lan with nothing in between modem and computer. I have a very capable computer and I can take it to my work (which has gigabit through another provider) and have no problem seeing those speeds. An xfinity tech has come out and hooks his laptop up and sees about 300Mbps and tells me he is going to send another tech out. The second tech produces a small computer (looks like an arduino) and hooks it to his phone via wifi and shows me a speed test that says 980Mbps. Tells me it's on my end and not xfinity. He refuses to tell me what server he's testing or where it is. I live in Indianapolis and can test to Indianapolis or Chicago with the same results (both are to comcast servers). Can anyone tell me where the tech is testing to? I feel like I'm being played.

Re: Gig speed test procedures

Hi @Pongman

The device you are talking about is the XMT --it similar to the Raspberry Pi except it's more powerful. It's just testing to local servers on Comcast's network, same as Xfinity's speed test. Since the XMT is getting good results, it means the issue is client side. 


  • Try disabling your firewall/anti-virus briefly.
  • Boot your computer into safe mode with networking and test speeds.
  • Make sure your equipment meets the requirements (sounds like they already do so).



What modem are you using?



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