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Gig Service on SB8200 - SNR/Error question

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Gig Service on SB8200 - SNR/Error question

Long story short, my old SB6190 disconnected itself from Xfinity a few days ago and in the process of troubleshooting the problem I replaced it with an SB8200.  I was still unable to activate/connect, so a tech came out and determined that the drop line needed to be replaced. 


Now, with the new line waiting to be buried, I'm concerned with the SNR levels and corrected/uncorrected errors that I'm receiving.  In the event log, I also noticed a couple unicast maintenance T3 time outs which I understand may be okay (may happen once a day).   I just want to make sure I've got a solid connection before the line is buried, and I make the move to gig service.  Any thoughts?  Do I need a tech to come out again based on these readings?



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Re: Gig Service on SB8200 - SNR/Error question

Those stats are o/k. The SNR's are good. It's always a bit lower (the SNR) on the "other" DOCSIS 3.1 / OFDM downstream channel. And only 2uncorrectable errors !