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Getting very low internet speeds (one-tenth of what I pay for), but only during evening hours

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Getting very low internet speeds (one-tenth of what I pay for), but only during evening hours

I pay for 150 Mbps internet service.  I've had it for years and have always gotten speed test results of 160-170 Mbps on a hardwired desktop and 150 Mbps on my iPhone connected via 5 GHz WiFi.  About two weeks ago, my internet speeds during evening hours dropped precipitously.  From about 7:00pm - about 11:00pm, I now get 25-30 Mbps (hardwired) and 12-15 Mbps (WiFi).  I've checked the speeds with several different tests and get about the same results.  I have done this testing with the hardwired desktop connected directly to the Comcast gateway and with everything else disconnected from the gateway. 


However, when I test the internet speed in the mornings or afternoons or after midnight, the results are back to 150+ Mbps. This occurs every day, even weekends.  I've rebooted the gateway (Technicolor CGM4140COM) many times.  It has no effect on the measured speeds.  My internet speeds are terrific about 20 hours a day, but from 7:00-11:00pm, they are only a fraction of what I pay for.  


I called Comcast Technical Service, who were no help at all.  They told me to reboot, which was the extent of their knowledge.  They did not seem to grasp that the problem was consistent and only occurred during the same time every day, suggesting a network problem.   They sent a technician to my house, who came during the morning and found nothing wrong - as expected from the symptoms I described.  Just in case, he changed the drop line to the house, changed the gateway, and installed a new signal amplifier anyway.  None of these things changed anything.  I still get blazing speeds outside of "prime time" and terrible speeds during "prime time". 


I've followed up with the technician who came to my house.  He had told me to text him if we continued having the speed problem.  I texted him in the evening, when I was getting terribly low speeds.  He said he could "check the node", but after I performed a few speed tests from my network and texted him the poor results, as he directed, he stopped responding to my questions.  I repeatedly texted to ask what his "node tests" were showing, but he did not respond.  I asked how I can get this problem fixed and he did not respond.  I asked if he would report this to advanced technical service.  He did not respond. 


This is not acceptable. Comcast does not seem to be willing to concede that there is problem in the network node in my neighborhood and fix it.


Does anyone have any suggestions about what can be the problem and how I can get it fixed?



Re: Getting very low internet speeds (one-tenth of what I pay for), but only during evening hours

Start here;


Post the requested info from here;


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