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Getting 5mbps DL when paying for 250 Wi-Fi

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Getting 5mbps DL when paying for 250 Wi-Fi



We recently moved and it isn't possible for me to have a hardwired connection. I bought a NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi USB Adapter A7000-10000S to use for a Wi-Fi connection for my desktop.


I mostly use this desktop for gaming. I was downloading a new game and the download speed was only reading 5mbps. I am connected to the DPC3941T gateway comcast supplied me. 


I know that Wi-Fi wont have the same speeds as a wired connection, but 5mbps???? I am wondering what kind of troubleshooting I can do before I call Comcast and see if it something on their end. 


I have tested the wired connection with another desktop and the speed test averaged about 180


The gateway is located one floor above me and the connection is very strong.


Here is the current package I am paying for and a speed test I ran on the wireless connection (the speedtest shows 27 average, but when I am downloading files, it caps out around 5-6 mbps)


Thanks for the help in advance!




Current speed package:


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Re: Getting 5mbps DL when paying for 250 Wi-Fi

UPDATE: After rebooting our modem, I get 240mbps. Hooray! 


Re: Getting 5mbps DL when paying for 250 Wi-Fi

Excellent news. As the issue has been resolved I'm going to close this thread. Thanks for visiting the Official Xfinity Support Forums. 

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