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Gateway Router is Blocking Websites

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Gateway Router is Blocking Websites

All of a sudden my Gateway router started blocking 3 of my websites. It happens no matter what browser I am using. No settings have been changed in my computer. No sites are blocked. If I turn off the wifi I can access these sites from my phone. These sites are available for anyone else meaning they are working fine. These are my business websites and I need them back asap. All other sites that I go to also work fine.  What the heck happened.

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Re: Gateway Router is Blocking Websites

When one customer cannot reach a site but others can, it usually means the site is blocking that customer's public Comcast IP. You might try asking the site's admins for help with this. You can look up your IP at "".

What does a trace to the site show? In Windows, open a Command Prompt window, enter

    tracert [sitename]

and post the output.