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Firmware upgrades: when do they happen?

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Firmware upgrades: when do they happen?

I have a NETGEAR C7800 modem/router, managed by xfinity. For debugging problems on my home internet I need to know when xfinity makes firmware updates or other changes to my home network (e.g., issues a reset to the modem, changes my IP address, or my DNS server IP addresses) . Is there a way I can get this information? 


For those wishing more detail: I've a mac running Mojave, which has been crashing irregularly, but too frequently. When the crash occurs while I'm working, it is >always< preceded by a rapid slow-down in network speeds, followed by a complete loss of network access. I've been working with Apple Tech Support, who have isolated it to something involving a router/DNS state change. At the same time, I've also been seeing my Roku box disconnect from the router, requiring that I re-establish the wireless connection. Lastly, my household mesh network seems to also disconnect from the router.  While these things don't always happen at the same time, they do seem to be correlated. 


To determine if this is a hardware problem, or a problem with modem/router management, I need to see if there is a correlation between xfinity management of the modem and my system crashses. 


I've tried contacting xfinity tech support; however, their general response to the question of learning when resets are issued, or firmware is upgraded, is "I have to escalate that; I will get back to you." At least that second part - "I will get back to you" never happens. I'm hoping someone here can help.