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Firmware update, new router, or extender?

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Firmware update, new router, or extender?

I have a CISCO DPC3941T Router through Comcast, firmware DPC3941_3.3p19s1_PROD_sey . How can I tell the age of the router and if it needs to be replaced? How can I tell if I have the most recent firmware update?


I've been having trouble with slow wifi recently-- as in, for the past year my internet has been normal but over the past ~month I've been lagging in games, skype calls, or tv shows that I used to use routinely. My wifi shows full bars and speed tests seem fine, but the intermittent drops are a problem.


I have restarted the router several times without improvement. Do I need to replace the router? Update the firmware?


Re: Firmware update, new router, or extender?

The Comcast system automatically keeps it updated with the latest firmware load from the manufacturer. For a test, does a computer hardwired directly to it with an ethernet cable have the same problem ?

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