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Extremely slow speeds since high winds in Pittsburgh on Feb 24

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Extremely slow speeds since high winds in Pittsburgh on Feb 24

We have been experiencing extremely slow downstream speeds all week, generally ranging from 1mb to 35mb depending on the time of day. Our account is on a 400mb plan. We experienced heavy winds here in the Pittsburgh area all day on Feb 24, which caused downed power lines and widespread power outages. That is precisely when our internet speed issues began, despite the fact that Comcast reports no outages in our area. I have performed numerous troubleshooting steps, but nothing has resolved the problem.


I eliminated our router and modem as potential sources of the issue by replacing our Motorola SB6140 with a brand new Arris SB6190, and by directly connecting the modem to a PC with a Cat 6 ethernet cable, but the speedtest results are the same low speeds. I have rebooted all devices many times and checked that all coax and ethernet connections are tight and secure.


Based on the status screen of our modem, the signal appears to be the source of the issue based on the low SNR and very high uncorrectables displayed on channels 27 and 28. 
Link to SB6190 Modem Status screenshot


We have had Comcast high speed internet for 11 years and there have been no recent changes inside or outside our home. What else can I do to resolve this?