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Erratic speeds on internet

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Erratic speeds on internet

I hope that someone can answer this. After two days of trying to deal with CS I am kinda at wit's end. we have the extreme internet 150 plan on our internet.. However Since sunday evening  the speed varies from barely alive to what it should be.

Unfortunately when I deal with cs they go thru all the troubleshooting, settings and renaming of networks and it will for maybe 10 minutes be what it should be. then plummets to worse then dial up.. I am on a wired ethernet line. we are not talking about wifi. so what can be the issue here?

10 minutes ago when I spoke with cs, we managed to fix the issue and the download speed was 177 and upload at 23..

Now it had puttered out once more and is at download sp 12 and upload 1.4


does anyone have an idea that has not been tried yet?

Speed Results

25.91 Mbps
1.00 Mbps
35 ms
Jacksonville, FL