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Dynamic Range Window Violation - Internet drops.

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Dynamic Range Window Violation - Internet drops.

Since I've moved into my apartment a couple months ago I've had connection drops when doing anything upload heavy, such as, streaming or uploading to youtube. I've had one tech come out and adjust the power on my upstream channels since according to ARRIS the power on my SB8200 was low. That didnt seem to do anything. I'll attach some screenshots of the log and power levels. I've done alot of research on the "dynamic range window violation" and it seems to be a problem directly with upstream related issues, but it can be a whole plethera of issues beyond that point.

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Re: Dynamic Range Window Violation - Internet drops.

Did you ever get your issue solved? I have the same issue...I don't know what could cause it I have all new wires ran. Everything except Comcast drop line which is like 10-15 years old. I even bought a new modem.

Re: Dynamic Range Window Violation - Internet drops.



I was doing well with my SB8200 for a year, but today saw the upstream channels are all at or above 50dB.  Then, saw the Dynamic Range Window violation error in the logs from today.


Any ideas on what I could do?  All cabling is new (less than 1 year old).




Re: Dynamic Range Window Violation - Internet drops.

That can cause random disconnects, spontaneous re-booting of the modem, and speed and latency problems.

In a self troubleshooting effort to try to obtain better connectivity / more wiggle room, check to see if there are there any excess/unneeded coax cable splitters in the line leading to the modem that can be eliminated/re-configured. Any splitters that remain should be high quality and cable rated for 5-1002 MHz, bi-directional, and no gold colored garbage types like GE, RadioShack, RCA, Philips, Leviton, Magnavox, and Rocketfish from big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Wal-Mart etc. Splitters should be swapped with known to be good / new ones to test

If there aren't any unneeded splitters that can be eliminated and if your coax wiring setup can't be reconfigured so that there is a single two way splitter connected directly off of the drop from the street/pole with one port feeding the modem and the other port feeding the rest of the house/equipment with additional splits as needed, and you've checked all the wiring and fittings for integrity and tightness and refresh them by taking them apart then check for and clean off any corrosion / oxidation on the center wire and put them back together again, then perhaps it's best to book a tech visit to investigate and correct.