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Does Comcast throttle your internet speeds?

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Does Comcast throttle your internet speeds?

I just called in yesterday to change my plan and I stated that I was paying too much for the package I currently had. I downgraded my television service, but kept my internet at the 100mbps. They added voice as well just because it was included in the best package for me.

Ever since then, my internet speeds are unbearably slow. Speed test shows approximately 3mbps download speed and 8mbps upload. I also voiced my complaints in their automated survey after the fact, stating that their prices were outrageous for the service they give you and that once my contract was up, I would be looking elsewhere for TV and internet.

Seems kinda funny to me that after all that, my internet speed had declined rapidly. I've had Comcast internet for almost two years now and have NEVER had a problem prior to this. We've spoken with tech support already and nothing is helping.