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Do I need more hardware for MoCA with current setup?

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Do I need more hardware for MoCA with current setup?

Hi, I have a question I haven’t been able to answer while browsing previous posts on this topic. My goal is to squeeze the most out of my 1Gb xFinity connection everywhere in my house with as little extra spending as possible. 


Here’s my current setup:



What hardware do I need to use MoCA to:

1.  Get PCs, smart TVs, & consoles online using Coax jacks (run from splitter) beyond a Coax to Cat5e MoCA adapter at each jack?

I’ve used power line adapters previously and heard MoCA is a significant upgrade.

2. Increase WiFi speeds in areas of my home further from the XB6 router? Can I use MoCA WiFi boosters & how many?

3.  Increase wired speeds for PCs, smart TVs, & consoles using Cat5e jacks (run from switch connected to router)? Is there a better setup/linking order for the components I’m currently using?


I guess I’m mainly unclear on how much of the “MoCA network” is handled by the splitter & router vs. adding hardware like the Motorola MM-1000 or similar devices.


Thanks in advance to any real network wizards who can help out an amateur DIYer!