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Directv Now using much data on Rokus

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Directv Now using much data on Rokus

Hello community,


After research in different forums, I still have failed to find an alternative solution to my bandwidth situation as we are on data cap (1T from Xfinity. We have changed our viewing habits to watching TV on one tv if necessary for example. We became cord cutters meaning we cut tv service so we rely on broadband Internet.

Right into our decision of cutting the cord we signed up for Sling for a month, we found our data usage went up reasonably because of the streaming after adjusting the video quality on Sling, so pretty much we were averaging 1 - 1.5 Gb per hour (15-20 GB per day). However, we didn’t like Sling and subscribed to Directv Now, and our data consumption increase dramatically in just two days since we signed up (7GB - 10 GB per hour; 50-75GB per day!) so as you all may see we would exceed the data in less than 20 days!


This is our home setting:


ISP: Xfinity

Plan: 60Mbps

Cable Modem: Technicolor CGM4140COM

Streaming Devices: 2 Roku Premiere Plus

TV types: 2 1080p TVs

Location: SF Bay Area


This is what I have tried so far:


  1. Adjust Rokus to 720p from the Roku display menu. This is the lowest display type available in the settings. I would like set it to lower for SD viewing


  1. Adjustable override bit rate from secret menu: 5 Home, 3 back, 2 forward set to 0.3 Mbps. Looks like this doesn’t do much effect to Directv Now     


  1. Directv Now support were not able to configure the bandwidth on my account.
  1. Purchased a Netgear AC1600: I had read in different forums and tech sites that a router would give me more control on set limits to streaming so it doesn’t consume so much data by using QoS features. However, I was disappointed to find out their QoS is not very friendly on how to use the feature. Calling Netgear tech support and their forums are empty on how to use this feature.
  1. Make sure closing the Roku app and set to Home before turning TV off.
  1. Wifi password is secured and not one else using it.
  1. We also have Antenna TV but reception gets bad in bad weathers.
  1. Besides of relying on streaming for entertainment, our household is very simple for Internet. One PC connected to Ethernet, 1 Ipad disable for apps to auto-update, 2 windows PC that manually updates. All of them do basic browsing, occasional music streaming (Pandora, Spotify, etc..), YouTube on browser or app. NO GAMING    

Basically if someone recommends a good router that is pretty straightforward to set the two Rokus to certain downstream speed, and also that  it shows the data consumption per device. I would like to set the streaming to a reasonably data streaming (1GB per hour or less).


Anyone of you have suggestion on how to deal with this. Feel free to ask anything that may be useful useful or consider. Thank you in advance.  

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Re: Directv Now using much data on Rokus

To stop going over your Data, put your Roku on a smart plug or a power strip and cut the power off when not in use. No power to Roku =no data usage. This is the simplest solution I could find.