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Data Usage Spike - No Way We Are Using That Much Data!

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Data Usage Spike - No Way We Are Using That Much Data!

Data Usage Spike


There is no way the data usage calculator is working properly, as support staff here wants to claim.  Clearly, tons of people are having an issue, myself included.  

I spent over an hour on the phone last night with the data use security people, they are clueless and just reading off a script.  My family consistently uses between 500 and 800 gigs per month.  Somehow, last month, September, we used over 1200 gigs.  I was watching our data usage closely on the Xfi app and I limit when certain devices can and cannot connect to my Wifi.  I woke up on 9/1/2019 at 9am and somehow had 21 gigs of data already charged to my account.  Ok, let's give Xfinity the benefit of doubt and say that was from the previous day, Sunday.  By 8PM, my data usage had gone up to 63 gigs!  By 9 am on 9/2, our data usage had gone up to 100 gigs!  In a 24 hour period, we supposedly used 80 gigs of data, when we normally use 25 to 30?  Using Xfinity's own data estimator tool, that would mean we watched 10 hours of 4k video,  or 80 hours of HD video.  We watched NO 4k video in the last 72 hours.  Somehow, Xfinity thinks we watched 80 hours of HD tv in 24 hours.


75% of our use is from Roku devices.  In the last 72 hours, only one has been used at a time, no dual streaming.  Our laptops and phone show very little data usage.   There are no unknown devices connected to my wifi or router.  This is an issue with how our data is being calculated.   It's FRAUD!

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Re: Data Usage Spike - No Way We Are Using That Much Data!

We're having the same issue, and a lot of others seem to be as well. There's a comment from a Comcast employee at the end of this thread noting that they opened up a ticket about the issue:


Hoping there is a resolution soon. It's clear something is WAY off on their end.