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DMZ and VPN appliance

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DMZ and VPN appliance

I am attempting to set up a VPN box (Cisco RV320) at my residence to connect with another RV320 at a Comcast business customer site.

We are setting up a site-to-site connection, not a single client-to-site connection

We want to run a VPN router "behind" the Comcast "modem" to connect to another VPN router

Plan A is to use the DMZ feature and run the VPN box's WAN port though it.

I did this a few years ago at a Comcast business user site to support an IP Camera system- without any authentication or encryption

At home I use Comcast's Internet, TV, phone and WiFi features, provided through a Comcast black tower box n "XB3", also known as a DPC3941T

Comcast won't give me static IP addresses that I expected - and paid for. I get Dynamic ones.

Apparently I can use the URL of DynDNS (dynamic DNS) instead of an IP address for my VPN box.

The other end of the VPN tunnel is up and ready, waiting to establish the connection.

Could you provide a few configuration pointers on this? We're OK with the tunnel aspects, it's the point-to point connection that is questionable.

Should I use the XB3's same default gateway?  With the DMZ active, is my home network exposed to the internet?

This can work, can't it?

Thanks very much