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DMZ Setup

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DMZ Setup

I have a TG1682G router/modem and I'm having no end of trouble sorting out how to put a home server in a DMZ or even port forward to it and I'd appreciate any thoughts or help. 


First, I've reset my modem and here's what I've got regarding firmware:

   eMTA & DOCSIS Software Version: 10.0.64G.SIP.PC20.CT
   Software Image Name: TG1682_2.0p4s4_PRODse

Q: Does a reset install new firmware if available? There is no documentation on this and this model is not even listed on the ARRIS web site. 


For the DMZ, I've enabled the DMZ and specified my IPv4  and IPv6 addresses of my server in the web page. (Odd that ipv6 is required.) However I'm unable to connect to any thing from outside my home network and in monitoring connection attempts from my server I can see nothing is getting through to it. I can't see that there's any way to troubleshoot this further. "system logs" show nothing. No ability to monitor the WAN interface. I'm stumpped.


If I try port forwarding, it is equally baffling. First, the interface oddly won't allow me to configure port forwarding unless my server's IP address is in the range served up by DHCP by the modem. This makes no logical sense. Why would one want a port-fowarding destination served up by DHCP??? But I've done this none the less and again there is nothing port-forwarded. 


I realize it's hard for anyone to comment on this - has he mis-configured it??? But any thoughts regarding how to troubleshoot it or stories of similar problems and their solution would be greatly appreciated. 




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Re: DMZ Setup

You might want to skip the basic routing function of a Comcast gateway and use your own router which you would have full control over the settings, DMZ and port forwarding.  The Comcast gateway would be placed in bridge mode, then connect your own high quality router on LAN port 1.


Re: DMZ Setup

Question moved out to it's own new topic. Year and a half old dead thread now being closed.