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Constantly Resetting Modem

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Constantly Resetting Modem

So I've been at my apartment for a little over a year now. Signed up for 100mbps/1yr contract. After the first year was up, my internet ~magically~ started slowing down to the point where I now have to reset my modem at LEAST every hour, regardless of usage. I have called Xfinity on multiple occasions, to which their reps just say it all look fine on their end and they can't see the problem. I have tried swapping out a new modem, then a new router, and finally new ethernet cords. Nothing has worked. When I asked them to send someone out to inspect the line, they said they could do that, but would have to charge me $50, regardless of if the line is fine or not. I do have several gadgets connected - alexa, 3 smart plugs and an XBOX - but this sholdnt be the issue since my speeds should be able to support 4-8 devices. I am frustrated beyond belief to the point where I am serioudly considering switching services to anything but Comcast. I've even gotten my netwrok down to 3 devices and still resetting EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR. Before I march into my local service center and ruin everyone's day, I'd really like some actual support.




Wahington Twp, NJ