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Constant internet/phone outage

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Constant internet/phone outage



I ma beyond frustrated. I am an Xfinity Triple Play customer and have been a Comcast customer for over 30 years but I am definitely at the tipping point.


Ove the last couple of months our phone & internet service would go out periodically. I’d unplug and plug the modem back in to reset and everything would be fine for a while. Starting a couple of weeks ago the problem started cropping up on a daily basis and finally last week, multiple times a day so I called Comcast to have a technician come out.


He was here this past Friday and said the problem was a bad cable in the outside box that distributes the cable to the other units i the townhouse building I live in. Less than two hours after he left the problem was back.


I contacted @ComcastCares and they said they could see a problem and said they’d send out a technician. I asked them to send out a second tier technician and they said they would. Yesterday, Sunday, he was here and said the problem was the problem was actually the line feeding that distribution box and he’d have to call a crew who works on that kind of thing and they’d be here within 24 hours. That guy came this morning and said he fixed fixed it. Once again, within two hours the problem was back only worse. Now, I reset the modem and I get phone & internet for a matter of a few minutes 10 - tops.


I have asked each of these guys if it could be the modem and they all say no. I ask them if they can replace it and they won’t.


I work from home as a web developer. I NEED connectivity and I feel like nobody knows what they’re doing at my wit’s end.

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Re: Constant internet/phone outage

Hi DGWebs, I am showing you talked to a twitter agent after this post. If you are still experiencing issues please reach back out to them and they will be able to assist you further.



Thank you