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Constant Internet issues - Comcast wont do anything useful to help??

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Constant Internet issues - Comcast wont do anything useful to help??

Hello everyone,

I've had constant internet connectivity issues for a very long time, it could be hours or longer and intermittent. I used to call support but the frustration of going through the useless voice operated sysytem just to finally reach a tech, who can then only "send a reset signal" or tell you to reboot the modem is all to painful especially since that never solves the problem anyway. Before I go any further, please note that it is definitely not a problem with my modem or computer\phone. I can logon to my wireless SSID, get an IP and ping my default gateway but nothing past that.


So what I do now is just wait it out....and service will "eventually come back".

Well, last week, a day like any other, the internet was down again, I waited..a day..then 2 days...then on the 3rd day I called support, went through the usual "reboot the modem" dance and they kept saying that they cannot reach my modem. I told them that I can get the TV channels through Comcast fine and it must be something on your end, they said it wasnt. Finally, a tech came out and a previous technician WITHOUT informing me, put a trap (filter) on my internet connection on their box. They didnt even have the courtesy to call me, leave a note on my door - at LEAST tell their support department so when I call them they are aware and we know what the problem is.

The technician then said that the signal for internet is too weak and is only good from one of my rooms. That worked for a few hours, now the internet is still up and down and decides to do what it wants, when it wants. Cant the technician who is to come in a couple of days test the line from the box outside and trace it back to see where the problem is? Seems simple but when I mention anything that seems like a normal troubleshooting step they wont do it.

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you.