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Connectivity drops when on webinars through work VPN

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Connectivity drops when on webinars through work VPN

Don't know if this is a unique situation, but hoping others have encountered this and have some guidance for me. 


When I work from home, I connect to my work network via VPN (Pulse Secure). It's generally nice and stable. However, I've noticed that when I connect to any kind of webinar or online meeting app (e.g., WebEx, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, Zoom, Skype, etc.), the connection becomes unstable. I normally connect to the audio via my computer rather than dialing in on my mobile.  This is a consistent behavior. 


What happens is that the meeting will be connected for several minutes, then it will show that internet is no longer available while still being connected to network. In order to re-establish my wireless connection, I need to disconnect and reconnect. This is, of course, far from ideal, especially if I'm the one sharing/speaking. 


When I'm not in an online meeting or webinar, I have no issues. I can work, email, browse, IM, upload/download files, etc. all day with no dropouts.  It doesn't matter where I am in my house. I could be 5 feet away or on the other side of the house. Same symptoms. 


I have a TG1682G and triple play. Oddly, while I am connected and online right now, the My Account shows that my router is not connected...