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Connection Drops Briefly, But a LOT

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Connection Drops Briefly, But a LOT

About two months ago, Comcast thrust a new router/gateway device/whatever to replace the old router and modem that had worked exceptionally for at least two years. Ever since installing the new epuipment the connection constantly drops--pages take longer to load--with the little whirling icon on the browser spinning, spinning, spinning--and when streaming the video pauses constantly, every few minutes and I get messages like "it appears you are not connected to the internet." A moment later it resumes, and only lasts a few seconds, but it occurs every few minutes--very annoying. I've tried twice to get answers from the chat line, but the rep said he couldn't help me and that I probably needed a visit. It seems like the modem is almost "searching" for something--the 4th and 5th lights down from the top blink constantly. The old modem didn't do this.


Re: Connection Drops Briefly, But a LOT

Hi @cbmanges,


Start here: troubleshooting guide. If you still need help, please post your equipment details (make/model of your modem/gateway/router) and a screenshot of your signal levels and your error/event log. Thank you!

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