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Connecting to XFi Pods

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Connecting to XFi Pods

I have a CGM4140com gateway in the middle of my home and am using XFi pods at each end of the house to improve WiFi coverage. I have had this set up for about 3 months and it works well, with one exception, moving from room to room (pod zone). For example, if I am in the middle of my home and connected directly to the gateway, then move to one of the ends of my home and connect to a pod, the WiFi connection will stop working until I turn off and back on the WiFi on the device I am using. Then it will work fine. I just have to disconnect from WiFi for a few seconds, then reconnect and it will work. I cannot figure out how to fix this and it is becoming extremely frustrating. The devices show a full WiFi connection the entire time moving from room to room, but will not work until you disconnect and reconnect.

Anyone else have this issue or any suggestions to fix? Thank you in advance.
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Re: Connecting to XFi Pods

Hi there, b1garlock! Thank you so much for reaching out to us over the forums. You have reached the right place for help! 


Now with the issue with the pods and wifi: 


1. How do you have the pods set up? I can share an image with you, which illustrates the proper layout. 


Pod Placement

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