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Connecting Windows XP Wifi To Xfinity Modem/Router

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Connecting Windows XP Wifi To Xfinity Modem/Router

My newer laptop died, so I pulled out my old Sony Vaio laptop, which has Windows XP and a built-in WiFi card...I have the newer Xfinity Modem/Router all-in-one unit that runs everything, the cable, internet, and landline phone...The problem is that I can connect to my home WiFi network, but I can't enter my WEP key because it's not the correct number of units that the XP setup accepts...


I just called comcCom and the guy told me that Windows XP isn't compatible with their new Modem/Router...I can't believe this...So looking for help...


I did change the name and key of the default network from the one that is on the back of the modem/router, which may be the issue since that key is 13 characters, but I don't want to reset it until I know if that will work...


I went into the properties of my WiFi network and made sure that under the "authentication" tab the IEEE 802.1 authentication for the network is NOT checked, and also in the "Association" tab that my network name is in the SSID field, that OPEN and WEP are selected, and that the "Key is provided for me automatically" is not checked, so the only issue is I can't enter my actual network key because it's 8 characters and it won't accept it...No N whether or not it would work even if it would accept it I don't know...I don't know if just resetting my network by holding the "reset" button down on the modem/router and then doing the same settings and entering that key that is 13 characters would work or not, and the Xfinity guy couldn't tell me anything except that he doesn't think I can use my laptop at all because it's XP, but obviously that isn't true since people here are using XP, lol.


Again, I'm connecting to my WiFi network with no issue, but itsi not connecting to the internet...At first it kept connecting and then saying "Can't find certificate for authentication for this network" , until I figured out that I needed to uncheck the "Enable IEEE 802.1 authentication for this network" box...But now I'm stuck with a cheap tablet and that's it...


I don't mind resetting my network to the default on on the back of the modem/router if that will make it work since I can enter the 13 character key, but I don't know if that will work anyway...The Xfinity guy was pretty sure that I couldn't use a computer with Windows XP at all because "Security has changed since then and it won't work", which is pathetic if it's true...Help is appreciated much!


EDIT: Nevermind using the default network name/key, as that key is actually 15 characters, not 13, and it says the WEP key must be 5 or 13 ascii or 10 or 26 hexadecimal that wouldn't work either...I also tried opening up Chrome and Internet explorer after connecting to my network to see if it might prompt me to enter the key in there, but it just says it can't access the internet page or there's no internet connection...




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Re: Connecting Windows XP Wifi To Xfinity Modem/Router

I have same problem. Guess I need to upgrade windows.
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Re: Connecting Windows XP Wifi To Xfinity Modem/Router

Hi, I checked with Xfinity, There new routers do not support WinXP. So you'll have to upgrade you OS. Or you'll need to comeup with another inhome network configuration with a router that does support WinXP protochols. Good Luck


Re: Connecting Windows XP Wifi To Xfinity Modem/Router

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