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Connect X1 to existing WiFi

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Connect X1 to existing WiFi

Need help connecting a printer to my Amped Titan existing home network via the X1 modem.  The X1 modem is the version with built-in 2.4 and 5.0 WiFi, and a 4-port ethernet hub (router?).


I have an existing X1 WiFi network I would like to keep with the X1 modem at the rear of the house where the cable comes in, through two powerline adapters into the house AC power network, and into a WiFi router in a front room in the house - the only way I have been able to get anywhere close to acceptable speed in the front room where the notebook PCs are used.  Previously, the download speed could dip to 0.5 Mbps; I now get about 35 Mbps.  I would like to add a Canon 922 Pixma printer, which has WiFi, USB, and ethernet connectivity, in the rear room where the X1 modem is located.  I have tried connecting the printer to the X1 modem via ethernet, WiFi and USB.  Using the notebook in the front router room, I have not been able to "find" the printer.  The distance in the existing network between the rear room X1 modem and the existing front room Amped Titan WiFi router make it impossible to configure the system with the printer in the back room connected via WiFi to the router in the front room.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.