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Comcast internet blocking Skype downloads?

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Comcast internet blocking Skype downloads?

I have been suing Skype for a while, but I have had issues recenlty as my Skype was too old and I could not download newer versions of the 7.x Skype. I am using this link: The first option is the regular Skype download and currently the latest version is 8.13 and that version does download, but it does not work as it looses most of my contacts (not a Comcast issue). On the same download page there is a dropdown to get Classic Skype which is currently 7.40 however when I use it the page simply refreshes sinted of downloading.

In my old Skype if I use the download update option it tries going to skyp 7.40 but cannot downlaod the file. If I go online to manually donload old versions of Skype, every downlaod also seems to fail.

However if I use a friends comupter who does not have Comcast then all these downlaods work perfectly fine. I also noticed that if I use a VPN on my internet connection I also have no issues.

I only know of Skype classic that is being blocked and has been for months, but I wonder what else is affected.