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Coax to RJ45 (more ethernet ports in house)

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Coax to RJ45 (more ethernet ports in house)


I have no RJ45 sockets in my house, only coax. I have the coax connected to my xFi advanced gateway which then allows me to use the RJ45 ports for a desktop in my basement. I am trying to set up an office on the second floor of my house with another desktop that does not have WiFi access. There is a coax socket in the soon-to-be office. Is there some device that xfinity can provide (or some other device) that will allow me to convert that coax to another RJ45? Or is my best option to setup some network switches and Daisy chain all through my house? I know that there are coax-to-RJ45 cables, but those won’t work because of signal type. There needs to be some intermediary, like the gateway. Thanks for the help!
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Re: Coax to RJ45 (more ethernet ports in house)

Comcast doesn’t provide anything like that, google moca or use a usb wireless adapter for your pc

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