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Cisco DPC3941T takes 10+ minutes to restart

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Cisco DPC3941T takes 10+ minutes to restart


I've been having on going speed issues with Comcast and trying to find out the cause. My service gets extremley slow at times, so I restart the modem by unplugging it and plugging it back in. I exchanged a broken modem with Comcast a few months back for a new Cisco DPC3941T, which takes 10+ minutes to restart. Is this normal? I know it was with some old Comcast issued modem/router models from forever ago, but i'm not sure about this one. My previous modem was much faster at rebooting. With the Cisco, once I plug the power cable back in, "power" is the only thing that lights up, for about 5 minutes. Then slowly but surely, everything else lights up and the internet comes back on. Takes roughly 10-13 minutes to get everything back up after the power cable gets plugged back in.


Is this normal? Could a cable be bad? Semi fried modem? 




Re: Cisco DPC3941T takes 10+ minutes to restart

I used to have that same gateway and it took the same amount of time to get into full functionality. It didn’t use to be that way but now it is for that gateway.

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