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Can't get cisco / arris CM to shut off wifi

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Can't get cisco / arris CM to shut off wifi

I was recently required by comcast to upgrade their supplied Arris TM722G to a Cisco DPC3941T and ARRIS TG1682G (both look and function identically). I upgraded twice because of a wifi problem, read on:


I've had my own router for wifi for a long time and need to use "bridge mode" for the CM.  I do not want any wifi from the CM, but I get it no matter what. The problem is not matter what combinations of settings I try on either CM...

  • 2.4 and 5ghz wifi under connection / wifi - both disabled
  • Bridge mode turned on
  • I have the "Public hotspot" feature disabled
  • I followed the directions from here for other problems, but it did not help

.... both CMs present 5 "hidden" SSIDs, full power:

  • The web pages indicate that wifi is off, but it is not.. i get 5 hidden SSIDs
  • The wifi lights on the CM are almost always on, again no matter what the pages say wifi status is
  • I used several 'wifi analyzer' type tools to show that hidden SSIDs are there
    • Some of the SSIDs are on 2.4 ghz, some on 5ghz .. it can vary
    • The mac addresses of these hidden SSIDs follow what CM wifi hardware info shows
    • If I pull the power for the CM, the hidden SSIDs disappear, and return when its powered on
    • Take a look a my screen shots.. I have blinking wifi lights and 5 hidden ssids regardless what the pages say... the problem has been going on all day.

Here is my challenge / request to you: If you have one of these cable modems in bridge mode, and expect wifi to be off, can you use a wifi analyzer type tool and see if you are getting ~5 hidden SSIDs with Mac addresses that match your CMs hardware? (Android app: Wifi Analyzer, Windows 10 app: Wifi Analyzer)


Or if you have a solution I would love to have it. Again, all combinations of turning off 2.4 and 5 ghz radios and Bridge mode tried





Has anyone found anything that works?


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Re: Can't get cisco / arris CM to shut off wifi

I've resolved this by ordering my own cable modem that does not have built in wifi capability.