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Buffering issues w/Peleton

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Buffering issues w/Peleton

I've been having sporadic buffering issues with my Peleton (On Demand rides vs Live).  It appears that the Peleton feed is getting bogged down and the buffering is being caused by a connection speed slowdown.  However, using my iPhone in the same location, I am getting download speeds of over 100 and upload speeds or nearly 10.  I've changed out the Peleton tablet with the same result.  By the way, it's not a network traffic problem since this is happening in the early AM when everyone else is still asleep.  Also, I have other streaming devices (Roku) where I have no issues whatsoever with throughput.


So, it's either my network setup or Peleton's software.  Peleton is pointing fingers at my ISP.  Their guidance is to whitelist several domains (eg, to clear up traffic.  I'm not convinced this is the problem, but here is my setup.


Xfinity provided Gateway

Eero mesh network

I do not have Eero Plus, so no additional security beyond what is being provided by Xfinity Gateway

Have Xfinity Gateway firewall settings on Low


I've thought of the following to try and isolate the problem.

- Unplug Eero and enable wifi via Xfinity Gateway.  This would isolate the Eero component.

- Turn Firewall off completely.  This would isolate the Firewall as the problem.

- I could potentially hardwire to see if the wifi connection is the problem.


Any other suggestions?  Also, how do I whitelist a domain given my setup?  Where would I access these settings to do on the Gateway?


Thanks for any assistance.