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Blocking port 5160 and 5061 UDP nightmare.

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Blocking port 5160 and 5061 UDP nightmare.

I just switched over to Xfinity from AT&T and my business voip phone no longer connects as Comcast are blocking port 5160 and 5061 for UDP traffic. This is confirmed when I check on 


I have checked port 5060 which is open and working but I also need 5160 and 5061. I have tried everything from DMZ the voip phone to DMZ the entire network and also all the port forwarding is in place but no dice.


Discussed with customer support for hours who insist on making you go through the 90 minutes of torture restarting your router and doing very basic stuff but its obvious this is being blocked by Comcast.


How do I go about actually talking to someone who actually knows what they are talking about and getting this resolved? If I dont I will simply have to cancel the account as the ports are not documented as being blocked in the documentation here


Re: Blocking port 5160 and 5061 UDP nightmare.

Are you using a leased Comcast gateway, more specifically the XB3 (TG1682G) ? 

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