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Arris tg1682g USB

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Arris tg1682g USB

My wiewless gateway has USB ports.  I have read a few posts asking about the use of these ports for USB Drives.  Some answers quote the user guide: "USB host connectors - future support for external USB devices".

I read elseware that somene paid Comcast ($70!) to turn that feature on.

"Future Support" could be now, for all I know.  Obviously its not something that is turned on now, and from what I can tell, it would need upgraded firmware.  But I dont think I want to pay to turn it on if it is an option.

I still have my netgear that had support for USB drives.  Its not a great router, but it did the job and having a network drive was great for my media centers.

I have had no issues with the 1682 so far (Its only been a week).  And I would rather a simple setup.  So if it is possible to just turn on the USB option and have a network drive, that would be my best choice.

Otherwise, it looks like I might want to consider bridging the 1682 and setting up the netgear again.

Knowing that my main goal is to have a network drive, and to use that drive for my media centers, I would ask for any advice or opinions about my options, and if its worth it to do the bridging.

I do not have any permanent desktop computers.  We connect with laptops, phones, tablets, game systems, etc.  My media center of choice is Kodi (XBMC) so that works on just about anything, but primarly use an Ouya (I know, but it really is great for a media center).

Thanks for any info you can give me...

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Re: Arris tg1682g USB

Don't count on getting the USB ports enabled, never heard of anyone getting them to work on Comcast.  Your almost always better off using your own router with the gateway in bridge mode.

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Re: Arris tg1682g USB

These posts are almost 2 years old. Has there been any change in status of USB ports?



Re: Arris tg1682g USB

No. Old dead thread now being closed.

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