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Another Port Forwarding Issue

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Another Port Forwarding Issue

Hi there, I'm yet another user with an issue with port forwarding issues.


I have a service called webhook.exe that allows me to use webhooks to run tasks such as launching a program on my windows computer. However, no matter what I do, I can't get it to work. I've also been using a plex server and hosting a minecraft server (all for personal use, don't worry)


Port forwarding in general has been iffy. does see any ports I open, however actually connecting doesn't work. It always times out.


Here's what I've done:

- Assigned static IP addresses to the host device

- Messed with and even disabled the firewall on the host device

- Forwarded any number of ports to the host device

- Messed with DMZ settings for the device

- Disabled Advanced Security for the gateway

- Verified that the setup works from my computer on other networks

- Yelled and cursed at the gateway

- Prayed to Jesus for the gateway to start working

- Threatened the gateway

- Gutted another gateway in front of my gateway to set an example

- Turned everything off and on again.

- Sat depressed considering what brought me to this point in my life

Nothing has worked.


The gateway is an ARRIS TG3482G Revision 15

My PC is a Windows 10 PC

Any help would be much appriciated!