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Adding smart home features, when Internet ***constantly goes out***

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Adding smart home features, when Internet ***constantly goes out***

We moved into our home in June. In our previous home, Xfinity service was bought by a roommate, so we weren't directly involved with the service, but it always worked -- I know it's possible to have Xfinity ***not constantly going out*** because I lived it.


In our new home, which is a 2700 sq ft single story, we got Xfinity. It was constantly going out, meaning the gateway looked like it was working, but none of our devices -- laptops, tablets, phones, TVs, whatever -- were connected to it. It was also extremely slow, because the technician who installed it put it in the far end of our house.


It was so bad that after a few weeks the technician came back and replaced the Gateway. We were also told the speed issue could be fixed by getting a bunch of "repeaters" to boost the signal -- so we have four of them throughout the house.


So...this set-up kinda worked. Every few days, various devices stop working. They show as "Connected, no Internet." The solution is generally to unplug the repeater closest to the device that stopped working, and give the repeater a few minutes to reconnect to the Gateway. Then the device will connect and have Internet again.


Now we have a new problem though, which is we got some smart home products as Christmas gifts. We got a Ring doorbell, and a MyQ hub, which allows our old garage doors to be opened using an Internet app. These were set up easily and work flawlessly...until they both stopped working this morning (of course while I'm trying to get out and get to work).


We reset the Gateway, but almost nothing is connecting again. The Amazon Fire TV, which is in the same room as the Gateway, was detected, but basically nothing else was, even after we unplugged and replugged in the repeaters.


The Ring doorbell and MyQ garage doors are completely offline, seeming never to return.


In other words, our standard (annoying) solution of having to unplug and replug in the repeaters every couple days is no longer working, because it doesn't fix the smart home things. I don't even know how to bring those devices back, but they are useless to us, if we can't count on them to be reliable.


So my question is three-fold:

(1) What does this problem sound like it is, fundamentally? Obviously the service shouldn't work this way.

(2) How can I get my smarthome devices back online?

(3) How can I create a long-term, more satisfying solution to this problem? I don't want to unplug and replug my repeaters every couple days, and even if that works to bring my smarthome devices back (which it currently doesn't), because half the time I won't be able to get back in my house when I want to, and half the time my doorbell will simply stop working. If I want to give my petsitter access to my garage door, and then the internet craps out and the door won't open, that's a problem.


There's got to be a solution, because thousands of people actually have functioning Xfinity! I'm paying for this service. I would like it to function. Thanks!