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Adding a purchased modem to my account.

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Adding a purchased modem to my account.

I recently purchased a Motorola MG7540, brand new from Amazon. I called yesterday (7/19/19) to activate it and turn off my leased modem. The reps told me everything was fine, but some time today (7/20/19),my leased modem would turn off and all I had to do was hook up the new one and everything would be working. My old modem still hasn't been disconnected, so I just called the 1800 number again to check on it. This time I was told the same thing, but that it would be tomorrow before it would be able to be activated...but I'd have to call back again. A few minutes later, the rep called me back and told me I'd have to take the modem to my local store to prove ownership. My overall plans are to drop my services down to just internet because I very rarely watch anything except ESPN. I'm just confused why it's so difficult to swap over from a leased modem to the one I purchased.
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Re: Adding a purchased modem to my account.

You should be able to disconnect the leased modem, hook up your new modem, and register it with Comcast. See for details. Have you tried that?