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Activation Loop

I recently moved and brought my customer owned SB6141 modem with me to the new address. I've been trying for hours to get it properly activated.

The modem shows as operational in the local config page, lights are all in normal online configuration. When plugged directly into a computer it assigns an address via DHCP normally, but will only load the Xfinity activation page. Attempting to access any other URL redirects to the activation page. I'm able to successfully login when my Xfinity username/pass and it correctly displays my new physical address and presents an activate button. Clicking that button results in an error page entitled "Are you plugged in and powered on?" with a Try Again button.

I've called in several times and the techs on the phone insist the modem is activated/correctly provisioned, but I'm still stuck in this loop. I've of course tried all the normal troubleshooting steps. They have a technician scheduled to come on-site in a couple of days, but I don't believe there is a physical on-site problem, given that this thing can pass traffic to the activation site without issue. It appears there is something wrong with the way the modem is provisioned or the account is setup.

I've seen some other posts on here where an engineer that knows what they're doing has fixed similar issues, so if that's at all possible here I'd greatly appreciate it.