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Activating 3rd party modem. Ds/us flashing

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Activating 3rd party modem. Ds/us flashing

My netgear c7100v modem died requiring to get an xfinity modem to get online. I just recently received a rma replacement and tried to swap it in. When connected the ds/us light never stops flashing to try activating. I believe I was able to activate the original without having to call comcast. Does anything have to be done before swapping modems? I'm going to try again later when I have more time and the kids are offline so I don't get complaints. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Activating 3rd party modem. Ds/us flashing

You should be able to just power down and disconnect the Comcast device, and then connect and power up your C7100V. You may or may not need to activate the replacement device with Comcast, but you won't be able to do that while DS/US is flashing as it indicates the gateway can't communicate with their network. You'll need to identify the cause of that problem and correct it before you can proceed.