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Activate two modems/accounts for same service address

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Activate two modems/accounts for same service address

I just moved into a new apartment (house split into 3 units) where the landlord provides shared internet/wifi and cable to the tenants. I do not have access to the modem and router from my unit, but I would like to have a wired internet connection in my unit due to the shared wifi being spotty.


The shared account maintained by my landlord is already set to the service address of the unit that I reside in. The landlord would like to keep the shared account associated with the current service address as to not disrupt wifi/cable for the other tenants.


Is it possible to transfer my existing Xfinity account from my previous address to the same service address that my landlord is using for the shared account? What I am hoping is possible is that I would have my own modem and pay for a separate internet service line, but in Xfinity's system the service and billing address would be the same for my account and my landlord's account.


Thanks in advance for any clarification that anyone can offer.