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60MBPS vs 150MBPS

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60MBPS vs 150MBPS

Hi looking to down grade save some money. Currently have the Blast internet but not sure we need it.

Currently there are 4 mobile devices, 1 Mac and 1 PS4. I would say at the most the PS4 and a couple devices will be used at the same time.

Will 60MBPS be enough? Thanks!

Re: 60MBPS vs 150MBPS

60 MBPS should be fine. The PS4 will work best if connected via LAN (wired) at any speed tier. 


Re: 60MBPS vs 150MBPS

If you're not streaming 4K video on all the devices at once, you should be ok.


If you're renting your internet gateway from Comcast, you can save money in the long run by buying your own modem and not have to pay the $11/mo rental fee. 

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