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$60 Technician Fee - Unnecessary to come on-site

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$60 Technician Fee - Unnecessary to come on-site

A couple days ago, I was on a call with one of Xfinity's call center agents due to not getting my cable or internet to connect to my new apartment (my apartment complex is under a contract with Xfinity, so we have to go through you for cable/internet). 


I have done several self-installations of setting up cable/internet with zero problems in the past. While attempting to set up this time, my Wifi network was identified by my devices, but not able to connect online. I tried setting up through the Xfinity app, through the website directly, as well as tried troubleshooting all possible scenarios (i.e. removing the splitter and plugging coax cables directly into the wall, trying different coax cables, resetting modems/network, etc.). Nothing worked, which concerns me as this apartment complex is already very well-connected to the units. 


As a result, it was recommended to have a technician on-site by the call center. Given you are already under contract with this entire complex, I question you charging these $60 visits. In addition, I was baffled when the call agent could not even provide me the technician team's next availability for a visit UNTIL I confirmed (via text) that I would be willing to pay the fee. That, to me, is absurd. This could honestly probably still be fixed by a call with a technician on the line. 


I've looked through this forum and it seems there are several customers with very similar situations in the past. With that said, I am curious. Do you need to reach a certain "technician quota" each month/quarter to meet company sales goals?

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Re: $60 Technician Fee - Unnecessary to come on-site

It’s probably not hooked up outside, or wherever your building’s communication area is., as you’ve stated that you’ve exhausted what troubleshooting that you have access to. That’s why you’ll need a tech out.

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