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1000 Mpbs service slow and frequent drops

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1000 Mpbs service slow and frequent drops


I am experiancing some internet issues that I hope someone can help provide a solution for.


Originally the house was wired for internet and tv by a comcast tech in 2013. The technitian installed a amplified splitter (see screenshot) to connect the many TV's. We no longer have cable TV and only subscribe to Xfinity internet.

I upgraded my internet service from Blast Pro to 1Gb a few days ago. At  the same time I removed the Xfinity supplied modem/router and replaced it with a Motorola MB8600 approved modem. After provisioning the nice lady on the phone said that 600 Mpbs was acceptable and I let it be.

I am now seeing max speeds of 550 Mpbs and the modem drops connection approximatly twice a day (see screenshot of log). I disconnected the input cable to the splitter and went direct to the modem in hopes this would help.....but it did not.  The screenshots are direct with no splitter and hard wired to the modem.

I am 600 Mpbs the best I can expect? Also what could be causing the frequent drops?


I hope someone can help?connection details.pngerror log.pngSplitter.png

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Re: 1000 Mpbs service slow and frequent drops

Can't see your pic. Since you are a new poster, it likely needs to be approved by a Forum Admin.

You could try hosting it at one of those free third-party pic hosting sites like Imgur and post the link to it here.

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Re: 1000 Mpbs service slow and frequent drops

Thank you for responding.

Links posted above.