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xFi pod questions?

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xFi pod questions?

I need to add an ethernet port to another room to hook up a hub for my security cameras. I was considering an extender, but I came across the xFi pod solution.

Will a pod do what I’m looking for it to do?

Will it slow down my network at all by adding a pod? Or do they just work as an extension of the Xfinity gateway?

How well are the pods working? (Reliable connection is important given they are security cameras.... but Ethernet isn’t able to be run where I need it).

Or: am I just better off with a google WiFi or Orbi type solution?

Re: xFi pod questions?

The Comcast pods are not yet availible.


You miight look at the third-party mesh pods that should work with a Comcast gateway; it is like a router with wifi pods.