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xFi notification "New Device Connected"

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xFi notification "New Device Connected"

Yesterday my xFi app sent me about a dozen push notifications for "New Device Connected" regarding various things connecting to my home wifi network. None of the devices (including various iPads, Google Home devices, an Oculus VR, etc.) were familiar to me, so I paused them all. Next I took additional actions of: 1. changing my wifi password; and 2. updating my wifi settings to hide my wifi name (i.e. not broadcast the SSID). Despite changing my password and hiding my network I'm still getting new notifications from xFi for a few additional unknown devices connecting to my home network.

Can someone please explain how devices are able to connect to my hidden wifi network without knowing the SSID or password? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Re: xFi notification "New Device Connected"

This is not a new issue.  Actually, it goes back more than a year, to January 2018, but seemed to quiet down last October.  It came back on my XFI webpage a few days ago showing an unknown device as "not connected" and it does not show on my gateway, only the XFI page.  Lots of differing scenarios.  Took Comcast a long time to do something, but it appears that fix may no longer be working.  Lots of reading in this link, but it'll give you a good picture of the situation.