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xFi app and Blast Internet

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xFi app and Blast Internet

We recently signed a contract to upgrade to the X1 Double Play Preferred package which is supposed to include Blast Internet. We were told by the Comcast rep at the store that we just needed to unplug our current Xfinity Gateway router (which we are renting) and plug it back in to get the upgraded speed. We did that, but it seems that the speed has not improved. Also, when I installed the xFi app on my phone yesterday and tried to use it, I got an error message saying that the router we have is not supported (we have an AR TG862G router) and that we needed to upgrade it to use the app. Is there a charge for this upgrade? Would upgrading the router also help with the speed? We recently also bought a new LG TV and in attempting to do a software upgrade for it wirelessly, it has taken forever to do and is still stuck at 76% after over 5 hours of having the TV powered on for the upgrade. The size of the upgrade file was only around 800MB. Trying to stream a movie has also been impossible because of all the buffering.

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Re: xFi app and Blast Internet

Hello PLC. I can help check the speed bootfile installed in your modem to ensure you are getting the speed you are paying for. I can also check on your xFi status with your existing modem, as well as help troubleshoot any other speed issues you are experiencing. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account.