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xFi Pods Launch Nationwide

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Re: xFi Pods Launch Nationwide

Thank you so much! My Wife got off the phone with support and they are mailing a new set of 3 to set up and hopefully no more issues? The last thing I honestly want is to go to court, but the way the experience went yesterday that left me no option! I am hopeful the new set will work and last longer than the 1st set? I will wait till they arrive and go from there. You have my email, please drop me a message and as soon as the new set arrives I will reach out for assistance. I apologize for my previous posts, I was not treated well at the store yesterday and was only looking for a refund because of how it all went down. I will give them another shot and I am hopeful it all works out this time? Thank you in advance and I look forward to an email and help setting the new pods up when they arrive....regards!!
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Re: xFi Pods Launch Nationwide

vrodforme - Glad to hear a new set of Pods are on their way to you & again, I want to apologize for the poor experience you had in store.  I'm more than happy to assist you should you need any troubleshooting help in the future.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.  We definitely want to make sure the Pods are up and running & you have a great experience with them.

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Re: xFi Pods Launch Nationwide

Thank you! All I wanted was to have the pods work as they did the first 39 days approximately? Hoping the new set work well and I will definitely reach out if there is an issue! Kind regards, Michael
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Re: xFi Pods Launch Nationwide

I don't seem to be able to create a new thread on this topic - so I'll just reply.


I have had a horrible experience with the pods, and I am pretty sure I know why:


1. each repeater cuts your bandwidth in half. If you get 512Mb thru put for WiFi in front of the router, but connect via a pod, you will max ouat at 256Mb.

2. if the pods are allowed to connec to each there, connecting Pod2 > Pod1 > router, your bandwidth is 128Mb. You see the pattern...


My througput is often under 100Mb for a WiFi device, and right now I dont' seem to be able to maintain a basic VoIP phone call without significant problems even though I PAY FOR a gigabit of bandwidth and have cut the config down to ONE pod.


The default should prevent the pods from connectiong to each other. I suspect after a few days pods are connectding to pods, and the bandwidth trickles down to 'unseable trash' for $300/mo.


I have called (don't bother.. .nobody you can reach via phone seems to understand anything about WiFi. They just reboot your router and try to provide the illusion of help (though they are usually friendly). I have had techs come out (like 5 times now), and finally the last guy had enough tooling to survey the situation and he moved the pods around for 'optimal' coverage / signal, but the whole solution works for a few days after rebooting EVERYTHING, then slowly degrades to uesless... 


If you connect your router and pods to smart plugs and reboot them EVERY DAY, perhaps you can make it work, but - come on guys... If NOTHING else can be done, give us the ability to schedule reboots of all the gear on a chosen schedule. At least people won't be bewildered <Edited> at spending so much money on something that smiply doesn't work. 


Again - I can't even do a basic conference in somethign like Zoom or Ring Central. It's incredibly frustrating. My router rebooted last night, and I STILL  can't download a 10GB forensic capture for  work despite roughly 10 attempts to do so over 2 days...