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xFi Pause/UnPause and Bedtime Mode Issues

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xFi Pause/UnPause and Bedtime Mode Issues

How do I turn this feature COMPLETLY OFF, get rid of it, trash it, DONT WANT TO ENABLE IT OR USE IT ALL? I just had issues with a device stuck on PAUSE even though gateway said it was unpaused, the device said it was PAUSED and had to do a toggle pause on/off and do modem reboot. Lost over 3 manhours of work with my wife to remote into our system at home and clear her work laptop and our personal laptop stuck in pause/bedtime mode. Will having my own modem not have this feature? Or is it hosted on the server side? I suggest before you deploy and push this trash service to the unassuming public, it better be bug free. I just want a raw internet connection and don't want XFi to manage connectivity for me... I can do that on my own.

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Re: xFi Pause/UnPause and Bedtime Mode Issues

Hi firetruck15, 


Unfortunately, there is no way to disable these features as it is built in the xFi app. Sorry for the inconvenience.