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I keep getting notifications about people connecting to my WiFi that I don’t know
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Re: Wifi

Hi @TJ5588,  In some instances "new device connected” notifications are being incorrectly sent before a valid WiFi password is entered for that device to join the network, and these devices may incorrectly appear in the Connected Devices list in xFi temporarily. Be assured that these devices are not connected to your home network.

You can verify if an unknown device has connected to your network by checking for an IP address in ‘Device Details’. Fully authenticated devices that have entered a valid WiFi password will have an IP address assigned and displayed; devices that have not entered a valid WiFi password will not have or display an IP address. If an IP address does not appear in the Device Details, then the device is not connected to your home network. You can remove these devices from appearing in your xFi Connected Devices list by selecting the device, then selecting ‘Device Details’ and ‘Forget Device’.

     We apologize for any inconvenience and continue to work with our technical teams to bring this issue to a full resolution.

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