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Why xfi unpause from tv

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Why xfi unpause from tv

How do I take xfi controls off television?  It doesn't do any good to pause or have bedtime when teen can simply go on xfinity apps page and change ir

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Re: Why xfi unpause from tv

Hello Qmom. xFi controls cannot be removed from your X1 box, but it can be Parental Control blocked. Here is how:


Lock Access to Content with Application Locks for X1


Application Locks are a new type of content lock that allows you to lock specific applications on X1. This article provides details on how to set up and manage application locks from the Parental Controls menu on XFINITY X1.

X1 users have the ability to individually lock the following applications on X1: Netflix, YouTube, Watchable, My Account, Pandora, Photos, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, xFi, Voicemail, and Home. When an application is locked, you will need to enter yours four-digit Parental Control PIN before you can launch the application.


For instructions on how to set Parental Controls for xFi, click the following: