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What good is the Xfinity Hotspot app?

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What good is the Xfinity Hotspot app?

I installed the app. D./l the database. Installed the profiles  It gives me a map of available wifi apps in my area.


Thats fine, but if there are 5 or 6 available you aren;t able to connect to the one of your choosing.

In my area there were 6, I connected to one of them but which one?  One or two looked quesitonable, was I connected to them?   Two of them showed that they were 45 feet away. No so, more like 1.4 of a mile and up to 1/2 a mile away


The Comcast agent told me that you select the one I wish by pushing the pin that identifies it on the map.  Clearly this is not so.     So what good is this app other than showing you were hotspots are? It connects to one automatically and you have no control as to which one